AC/DC TRIBUTE was founded by major fans of the Australian legend AC/DC, and so at their concerts you can expect a faithful tribute – the music, the costumes, the visual style, and the overall choreography are all there, right down to the cannons and bells. AC/DC TRIBUTE tries to make each concert unique and make the fans feel like they’re truly at an AC/DC concert. It’s brought them major respect and praise throughout the country and the world – everywhere they play.

The band’s members are musicians with rich experience and plenty of published music from several other formations. They’ve served in acts that have opened for global icons like LED ZEPPELIN, DAVID BOWIE, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, FAITH NO MORE, and WALTARI. They’ve also worked with some of the biggest names on the Czech scene, like KAREL GOTT, VÁCLAV HYBŠ, DAVID KOLLER, IVAN KRÁL, KAMIL STŘIHAVKA, and PETR KOLÁŘ.

You can tell they’re true fans because they’ve never missed a single Czech AC/DC concert – and they’ve also been at several abroad, including in the USA. At a concert in Prague Letňany, they even got backstage alongside the opening band and made friends like Dale “Opie” Skjerseth (the production manager who’s worked with AC/DC since 1978). They also have several meetings with members of AC/DC behind them, and they’re in close contact with the band’s national fan club, getting together regularly in Prague’s Vagon club and at a variety of events nationwide.

So if you’re hungry for AC/DC’s great music, AC/DC TRIBUTE is the way to go.

Radek BláhaBrian

Blahouš – Radek Bláha



Hynek TříškaAngus

Hyngus – Hynek Tříška




Oldřich Ševců



Miloš ŠedaMalcolm

Miloš Šeda



Jan NováčekCliff

Jan Nováček Vanický

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